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26 03 2015

Samuray Dövmesi, Samurai Tattoos

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26 03 2015

U.S.A News about Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Tattoos in TURKEY

AMERİKAN VOCATIV HABER AJANSININ STUDIOMUZDA YAPTIĞI RÖPORTAJ   Turkey’s Opposition Wears Its Heart on Its Skin Young Turks are brandishing tattoos to voice their outrage over the country's president     Author Elcin PoyrazlarPosted: 08/29/14 “This is a war on identities,” says Cenk, a tattoo artist based in Istanbul. “I would never draw a PKK flag,” he adds, referring to Turkey’s outlawed Kurdish militants, “but Ataturk’s signature is something I enjoy doing.” Cenk asks not to share his full name because his art has become a politically charged issue under the rule of Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s Islamist-rooted leader. The act of tattooing the signature of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk—who founded modern Turkey as a secular republic in 1923—has become a sign of resistance in recent years. The trend started as a protest against Erdogan and the policies of his ruling party (known by its Turkish initials, AKP) and has steadily gotten bigger.                               Turkish tattoo artist Cenk: "This is a war on identities." Turkey is sharply polarized about Erdogan, who was prime minister for a decade and took office as president on Thursday. Conservatives—who generally dress modestly and are not the sort of people you bump into in a tattoo parlor—see Erdogan’s rule as a democratization process that has enfranchised the pious masses who were largely shut out of the country’s secular old order. By contrast, secular Turks seek refuge in the signs and symbols of Ataturk; in fact, thousands of them formed a giant human portrait of his face this week to honor his memory. And some of the people who fear that Turkish society is getting steadily more Islamized end up getting Ataturk’s emblem tattooed on their bod... Devamı

25 03 2015

Kasık Piercing

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24 03 2015

Tribal Akrep Dövme Modellleri

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24 03 2015

Smile Piercing

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23 03 2015

Göğüs Ucu Makyajı, Pigment Bozukluğunu Giderme

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23 03 2015

Kedi Göbek Piercing

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23 03 2015

Atkılı Kartal Dövmesi

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23 03 2015

Burun Piercing

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20 03 2015

1903 Dövme Düzeltme

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                                   ÖNCESİ                                                                                 SONRASI            Devamı

20 03 2015

Kaş Piercing

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16 03 2015

Pusula Dövmeleri

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16 03 2015

Aslan Dövmeleri

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